The Art of Self Cultivation

A Space To Explore & Awaken our Sacred Sexuality & Access The Power Of The Womb

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What I Do

I help women heal their physical and metaphysical by synching with the NTR cycle through womb healing meditations, female energy cultivation practices and more.

I Soul Coach.

As a Senior Soul Coach with Secret Energy, I help clients make choices that are more aligned with their Soul purpose by helping them uncover their uniqueness and helping them maintain Wholeness with their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives.

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I Heal.

Through various healing practices, including Womb Healing, Energy Healing and Self massages, I help clients heal themselves from the inside out and the outside in.

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I Teach.

Through various courses like the Womb Healing, Ancestor healing, Energy Activation  I teach the connection between ourselves and the omniverse.

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My Courses

Womb Healing Series I: Cultivation  

Self Cultivation: Transformation

Energy Healing Class

Female Sexual Cultivation: Jade Egg Practices

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“ I have had the honor to witness true unconditional love and to keep things in balance from Deesse. It is truely inspiring to hear her womb healing story and to come out of that pain only to be rebirthed as the Phoenix rising from the ashes, her guidance through the course have helped me tremendously in healing my childhood wounds that were deeply connected to my relationship with my mother. I have healed and forgiven all the parts of me through the womb healing course.  Thank you so much for this gift.”


A Quick Story

Déèsse Wigeby is a Soul Coach Leader, Sacred Woman, Intuitive Healer. She is the Host of the Podcast “Tuning Into Wombmanhood” and teaches the online course “Womb Healing Series”. Déèsse Wigeby helps women to heal their physical and metaphysical by synching with the NTR cycle through Self-Care, Womb Healing Meditations, Female Energy Cultivation Practices, Ovarian Breathing Techniques, Elemental Powers QiGong, Color Resonance and Womb Herbal Cleanses and teas to reclaim their true feminine and masculine nature to become whole, interconnected, Sovereign Beings. Every wombman, who heals herself helps heal all the wombmen who came before her, and all those who came after her as the mother lives inside all of us in the neverending mother/daughter cycle.

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