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5 Amazing Benefits Of Aged Urine Therapy

5 amazing benefits of aged urine therapy -

The use of urine is known for several useful purposes since ancient times and throughout many cultures. The benefits of aged urine therapy circulates from where the aborigines in Australia were instructed to use their urine on their art works in stones to preserve those stones. From the Mayans to Indians, Japanese, to China, Germany and the USA, urine is often times used as a therapy as it is to feed crops and produce very healthy food, it is also known to be an effective antidote against snake-bite poison, and recently it is a practice that is coming back.

Urine therapy (also urinotherapy and uropathy) refers to one of several uses of urine to prevent or cure sickness, to enhance beauty, or for other health-related reasons. Urine derived from mammals such as humans, cows, horses and sheep is considered especially beneficial. People who practice aged urine therapy claim that it cures everything from a common cold to cancer. While clinical data proving the effectiveness of aged urine therapy is currently unavailable, many people swear by its curative effects that saved their lives.

Yet, while this is without a doubt a controversial subject due to the indoctrination, most people think urine is just waste and shouldn’t be taken by anyone.

It just so happens that  in hospitals when they treat people with plasma, it is actually urine ultra-filtered. It just so happens that today they don’t want to use the name urine and use the name plasma instead, because urine IS plasma. While all the benefits are still not known and most people think it is a weird idea, some veteran practitioners say urine can turn into gold. Others say it is the mana from heaven and the fountain of youth. It has the 12 tissue salts in it, hydrogen peroxide, stem cells and many other benefic minerals and supplements like DMT, nitrogen, dopamine, iodine, B12, B6, iron, testosterone, estrogen, etc.


benefits of aged urine therapy fountain of youth - awakenselflife







Ever wondered why we see many of these statues around the world? It’s about the “Fountain of Youth”.


In what regards to plant medicine, there are some specific mushrooms like the Amanita Muscaria, which is a known powerful medicine, that its effects become way more powerful after it has been metabolically broken down through urine, giving a much wholeness experience rather than a negative one.

But for those who think this story of urine therapy is disgusting, they should be aware that the whole 9 months they spent in their mother’s womb involved in the amniotic fluid, that fluid had the mother’s urine mixed in it and that’s a big part why babies have a very soft skin!

Your kidneys have an amazing filtering mechanism that filters the “dead water” and then what makes the urine come alive is the heart, since the heart isn’t just a pump, it’s a vortex that makes urine become structured. To get more in depth about this science here’s a suggestion:

A book by Martha M. Christy –

Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Miracle Cure that Medical Science Has Never Revealed!

Reveals all the science about urine in the 30’s and 40’s that has been suppressed by Big Pharma.

Click on the image below to order it:


It’s also interesting to know that in urine stored in a glass jar for a few days or even a couple of weeks, crystals begin to form in the bottom. These crystals will then give off an electrical charge (negative charge), which can be measured with an ORP meter. The more aged the urine, the more negative charge it generates, the more alkaline it gets (easily measurable with a PH strip)  and this negative charge means Life Force.

It has a consciousness of it’s own. And this is why aged urine is much more powerful than fresh urine. As the urine stays in a glass jar and ages, it begins a process of fasting by and on itself. And because it is isolated by other impurities from our body it becomes more powerful.

Instead of ditching your own urine into the toilet and eventually sewers, you can make use of this structured, filtered fluid that has all the excess minerals that the kidneys could not use from the food you just consumed. Instead, most people are actually making their digestive system do all the work, then they urinate all those minerals out and they are gone, not putting them back in and giving the kidneys another go to reabsorb them.

The more aged the urine, the more it becomes like structured water. In fact, it can indeed become super structured. When it’s more structured, it is even more negatively charged, until it becomes magnetized, which begins pulling more toxins from the body, hence becoming one of the best free ultimate detox medicine in the world.

Your body is made to produce a customized medicine for you. All of the nutrients from the food that you couldn’t absorb before, become bio-available and goes right into your blood stream as soon as you drink it.


5 Amazing Benefits Of Aged Urine Therapy:

Now here are a few facts about why aged urine therapy is so benefic for health and gives what you need, as if it knows what is the perfect stasis for your body and why it is your own perfect medicine:

  • If you got too much weight, you will loose it. If you got too little you will put it on
  • Best parasite cleaner protocol, gets you rid of parasites in the gut when used as enemas
  • If used on the skin, your skin glows and you look younger. Removes acne and spots
  • Brings you out of trauma, stress, anxiety and depression
  • You get alkalized and better longevity


Methods for Aged Urine Therapy:

These are the ways you get your own aged urine back into the system – You can simply drink it, or you can take a bath by using some aged urine in the bathtub and just sit there for 20 minutes as it infiltrates through the skin, enemas (the ultimate gut cleanser through aged urine). When using your urine, make sure to use only the middle part of it, this is, discard the first seconds and the last ones of your pee, as those are actually where the waste reside.

Do you have to be on a super-clean diet for a long time before starting with urine therapy? No. No matter how sick a person may be, even if with cancer, it doesn’t matter. Actually if you have cancer the best thing you can do is to go on an aged urine therapy. Diabetics with sugary urine also the same. Neither one has to be on any specific “clean” diet. Your kidneys will always produce the perfect medicine for you as the good will always outweigh the bad by 99% no matter how sick you are.

If you let urine age in a glass jar for at least a couple of weeks, it will nullify by itself all poison and toxins, bad chemicals, pharma drugs it still may have in it. This is the main reason why taking aged urine is the best.



Fresh urine already brings a lot of benefits as it is, but aged urine gets you completely on another journey and there is just so much to talk about that it wouldn’t fit in the limits of this article. Another curious fact is how the best quality moisturizer in the market have 4 to 5% urea.

Your life may never be the same again. It is just sad that the current program running in our supposedly modern society teaches that urine is a waste and hides this knowledge because it’s free and there is no money involved, so that we become more dependent to Big Pharma.


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