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5 Metaphysical Effects Of Prenatal Trauma

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Prenatal trauma is one of the most frequent conditions found in the several fields of alternative medicine practices today, although very consciously unknown by the majority of patients, and it is the root of primary belief systems and programs developed in early childhood. Unfortunately it is also reinforced up until the age of 7 and after that it becomes a repetitive pattern as the child develops into the teen years and into adulthood. Let’s delve deeper into some of the aspects that affect the way we are brought into this world.


1 – The Perception Of The Divine Feminine And Masculine

The design of ourselves as multidimensional organisms is made up of the dualistic expressions of the feminine and the masculine energies, and these expressions are designed down to the molecular level of our body, affecting in many ways our entire perception about ourselves and the way we interact with the external. Essentially these are blueprints for the manifestation of life-force in the multiverse.

In this creation, we are a self-similar pattern that in the micro system perspective goes from our entire physical body down to the cellular, and on the macro side our families are structured in the same way, as well as society, the entire world and the flow of life force through the planet that functions in this positive and negative energetic movement, to the galaxy, the universe, into the largest macro system. This is something that is essential to the entire output of ourselves as experiential manifestations.

So we can say that programs and belief systems begin to be created already in the womb, at the stage of gestation, and they will govern the way we look at the world, the experiences we are going to have, they create a physical resonance to our entire body, including illnesses, diseases, potential mental and emotional limitations, and basically the whole role that we play in this world. So what we see at face value is never what is actually occurring in the subconscious mind and in the intention behind an organism.

It is therefore very important to study, or do a self-study of the psychology, the emotional development and then the physical manifestation and expression of these universal systems that we are now experiencing in our every day life with family, friends and the way we see ourselves in the world.

2 – Programs And Belief Systems From Society

In the moment of conception when the egg is fertilized, there is an incredible explosion that is the creation of two frequencies, of the mother and the father, that unite, merge and entangle in order to create a third frequency that is you. Your frequency is infused and informed by cyclical programs that are brought down from the genetic lineage. Most of these programs carry limited belief systems that keep us trapped in an illusion.

This illusion of limitation makes us not recognize our infinite potential and the incredible beautiful life experiences that we have and makes us believe in things that are not true. The programs behind this are then enforced by emotional trauma, physical trauma, energetic trauma and by our society because we continue to collectively reinforce these cyclical patterns to each other.

It is when we wake up that we realize a lot of these patterns that we ourselves are reinforcing are the cause of a lot of suffering in the world around us. Lies, untruths, limited perceptions that do not support expansion and parasitic systems that we support in society (toxic food industry, clothing, fashion, cosmetics, politics, religion), service to self, are many of the systems that are an inversion of what is true, natural and creative for the human.

When we finally understand that we are made of generations upon generations of trauma, and how our world is an expression of that trauma, we can begin to shift and stop participating in that in many different ways.


3 – Emotional States At Conception

The most powerful aspect of prenatal trauma is that during the moment of conception an energetic signature is created, and there is a small window of time in which the mother and the father adjust to the realization that they have united to create. This moment of realization creates a vibrational container for the child and what really matters is the emotional state of the mother and father at that moment.

Within the next 9 months of gestation, the fetus is also acutely aware of its surroundings, it feeds off the mother’s food, emotions, intentions, sensations, and because the fetus’s DNA is connected to the father, everything the father is feeling is also felt in the womb. If the family is angry and yelling and fighting, it has already been registered on camera that the fetus “jumps” in the womb out of terror and this creates prenatal trauma.

It is incredibly impactful when we realize how life is so delicate, and just as adults can be very empathic, new children being born at this period of time are even more so incredibly interconnected to the point of being interdimensional while still in the womb. When they are infused in an environment of chaos it really impacts in a profound way not only the way they feel about themselves but about the world outside when they come out, to the point they are born with disabilities, deficiencies and illness. Each illness has a root in the emotional system.

The lineages that contain illness in the children’s generational DNA are more prone in accessing this data and embody it into the fetus at the time of birth.


4 – Soul Agreements

Contractual and experiential agreements with the soul of the child that is coming into life and that is united with the resonance of the family’s bloodline is created and designed even before the child is created, and before the parents meet each other.

There are groups of families that are predesigned, and the soul that comes into the body of the child is a frequency expression with unique data that is adjusting the DNA of both parents that participated in the creation of the child. During this process, prenatal trauma can occur.

As an example, when the parents don’t have a clear understanding of the balance of the expression of the divine feminine and masculine withing themselves, and their actions, expressions, emotions, subconscious belief systems are infused by that imbalance, together they end up creating a bigger imbalance. The child then, is in the womb gestating these two belief systems and gaining the structure of its own feminine and masculine energies.

This vibrational frequency affects the child in the way it holds energy in the body, in the structure of its body, the geometric expression of the body, basically making the child a product of it all. Amazingly, there are also souls that come into the body of the child that have the strength and ability of changing and healing, and they are specifically designed and equipped to change the frequency and the patterns of those two bloodlines and bless them with its special traits and gifts. This is how we heal our ancestral lineage.


5 – Lack Of Self Mastery

There are many distractions in the world around us that are very apt at confusing and distorting our perceptions in a way that if we are not clear in our understanding of our emotions and the evolution of our emotional state, we can easily be manipulated through the lack of mastery of our own emotions and awareness of ourselves.

In order to step back and actually see that each of us need to do our work regarding prenatal trauma, to not get lost and to be released from the constant state of shame and guilt when we fall back into the trap systems, we need to be aware of our personal cyclical patterns.

The more we wake up, the more we are faced with the same self-similar programs that we need to deprogram. It’s an evolutionary process and never-ending. Once we master the physical dimensional plane we can start mastering the interdimensional planes, our dream time, experiences in the interdimensional aspects of ourselves that increasingly become available to us.

So how to we heal this prenatal trauma? The sooner we can be aware of these traumas, the quicker we can heal and create a more expansive experience in the family. Its imperative for the parents to do the work by reviewing their true emotions and not repeating the cyclic patterns of their own parents. It is a process of great responsibility in understanding that our vibrational signature has to be cultivated.

Here is a short guided meditation that can help in removing the illusion of separation, a Guided DNA Activation.



Prenatal trauma, essentially, once the signature impression around the topics mentioned in this article is created within the child, also makes the moment that the child is born be really important. This has to do with the way the child is received in the world by the parents. Whether the two parents are present or not, whether they are afraid or welcoming, whether there is love and support, insecurity and doubts on one of the parents, rejection, all of these things are felt by the child even the subconscious beliefs and emotions of each parent.

We are a product of generations upon generations that experienced separation and many of us have not felt true unconditional love in our lives. There has to be a moment of re-education, of re-parenting ourselves, that is then imprinted in the nervous system of the body. Deprogram and reprogram the chakra system so that we can be able to feel unconditional love for our own selves first. Dealing with prenatal trauma is a healing work that we need to take seriously in order to be ready to usher in the new holistic human collective.


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