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The memory of my first period is of my aunts crying. I remember being upset because they were crying. I certainly wasn’t upset that I got my period and I was upset because they were crying and I didn’t understand why they were crying.  My panties were dirty with blood  and the sound of their whispered “she’s not responsible!” and “it’s too early” the great tragedy: the tomboy Wigeby got her period.   

The shock of getting my period was a negative one it wasn’t a positive and beautiful experience that it should have been.  I just remember thinking: Am I dying? why are they crying? And so began my relationship with my period.  Whenever I got my period it was a shock, a programmed fear. 

As a teenager, my period got heavier, longer and more embarrassing. I had extremely painful cramps and back pain and was always weak from the loss of blood. As the years passed, I became more and more ashamed of “it” and the feeling of dread grew. Often, I would get dirty and have “accidents” so I would hide in my room whenever I got my period.

In my 20’s I was officially diagnosed with Fibroids. I spent most of my 20’s taking off work during my period. I learned to live with this enemy, otherwise knows as my period. I never appreciated what my period meant and did not even associated it with the inner part of my Vagina, my Uterus. I spent years suffering from these Fibroids, and many years of heavy and painful monthly periods. As the Fibroids became bigger and bigger, my gynecologist at the time said I would not be able to have children and recommended that I completely remove the Uterus.

Decision Time: how much do I want a child? Should I remove my Uterus? Something inside always said no! I was bleeding all the time, so something had to be done. Once I hit my 30s, I seriously started to research all the different methods of getting rid of the Fibroids besides completely removing the Uterus. After years of pain and endless consultations with different specialists, I finally found a doctor who would perform the surgery called “Myomectamy” to remove Fibroids.

Premature Menopause: To get this surgery I had to prep my body and at least shrink the Fibroids as one was the size of a grapefruit, and another one was the size of an orange plus other smaller ones.  To prep my Uterus for the surgery. I given medication to induce menopause which would stop my period and stop the feeding and growth of the Fibroids.  Premature Menopause induces all the negative symptoms of menopause: Hot flashes, Chills, Night sweats, Sleep problems…fun!

After enduring months of menopausal symptoms, I had successful surgery of removing most of the invading Fibroids. However, I ended up with an infection of the wound area and ended up spending a month in the hospital and six months with an opened wound that had to heal on its own. 

The Physical healing from the infection was so traumatic that it led to a spiritual awakening.  Which led me to quit everything and move to Haiti where I had my first experience with the mother.  While in Haiti, I visited a virgin Mary statue and asked her for a Son/Sun and during this experience she answered, don’t ask how I heard her but I came out of the area deeply changed by my encounter with the spirit of the Great-Mother. A year later I was pregnant with my Son/Sun.

Pregnancy joy:  My Pregnancy was surreal I was so Happy to be expecting.   The doctors would not guaranty the pregnancy as I as labelled high risk from the beginning, over 35 and a “history”.  I consciously maintain my happiness during the pregnancy, as I knew this was an important part of the process and always remembered the Virgin Mary statue’s promise.

C-Section! although planned, my C-Section was a traumatic event for my body.  While my pregnancy told me an Alien had taken over my body, the C-Section placed my body in shock and it took months of painful healing to recover my body as mines’ once again.

After so many years of pain and surgeries, my womb space was something other, a foreigner who invaded, was cut up, a mass of blood and things that often look like guts.  Connection! came in the form of Queen Afua’s Sacred woman.  By this time I was deep into my spiritual journey and a group of women and I did the Sacred woman journey and through the gateways.  Not all survive to enter all of the Sacred Woman gateways, however I did it.  Transformation,  I had found that the Sacred woman journey was one that I had always been on since my first period and  came into full awareness that the Great-Mother was always within me.   

A year later during an Ayahuasca journey the Great-Mother again sat with me and instructed me in the great calling of healing the universal womb.  My journey had nurtured me to heal self in all wombmen.   What she said I could not tell you in any language that I can speak, however by the next year I found myself teaching the womb healing course, Coaching many women and men and guiding them through the womb portal. Furthering my study of the Tao and Healing Love, learning and practicing sexual alchemy.   Sacred woman connected me to the womb space like I never knew or innerstood.  I learned to honor my womb, to speak to my womb and even better it spoke back. 

Womb awakening! After having so many spiritual experiences, I didn’t realize that my womb itself could have its own awakening experience.  The womb awakening opened me up to my true selves. I learned a deeper respect for what it was to be a wombman. To carry the universal womb was indeed a painful thing but out of this portal berth the most beautiful of beings… me.

Over the years, the Great-Mother took me many times into her embrace and taught how to help the universal womb heal itself. First and foremost start with my own self-healing from all the traumas that I experienced, then help other wombmen learn how to heal themselves.  As I delve deeper into the secrets of the womb through Healing Love and sexual Alchemy, the technical I learned about the womb space and what I’ve been teachings to  other women are only the beginning of the  gateway to the portal of the cosmic womb.

I continue to learn and teach about the vastness of the womb space.  I have been gifted access by the Great-Mother and I give honor and respect to all ancestors with the eye in the womb space.

Feedback & Reviews

Real reviews from real people

“Deese Wigeby’s Womb Healing Course is power packed! It has helped me walk through my own timelines in order to heal. She introduces tons of knowledge and research, as well as step by step exercises to help assimilate the lessons. I highly recommend this Course! “

Monika Hopkins

Technology Sales, Marketing Director

“Déesse is a masterful teacher, knows her practice well and is passionate about her student’s expansion. I learned so much in such a short amount of time, felt an incredible amount of energy and calmness through the practice. I would highly recommend her class to anyone. “

Monica Ortega

Accountant, Tax Preparer

“The Qi Class Activation was absolutely wonderful. I was able to connect with Mother Nature and father sky like never before, would feel an energetic shift at every single class and remain aligned for  rest of the day.  I was able to incorporate what I’ve learned into my morning and evening self care practices with ease. It’s an absolute must for anyone in their spiritual journey. “

Soraia Hus

Spa and Beauty Therapist

What Can I Do for You?

I teach women to how heal the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual  womb. I can help you with finding your Uniqueness, Qi Energy practices, Female sexual Cultivation practices, Self Care, Cleanses.  The Wholeness of you!

Pulling from my own healing experiences, I teach the many techniques that I’ve acquired along my womb journey.

Gifted access to the cosmic womb by the great mother, I guide those ready for self healing and self love through the womb portal where abundant love and healing nourishes body and soul.

Awareness of the cosmic gateways is as easy as awareness  of our own unique portal entrance to the Universal womb

The great Cosmic Womb is where we all reside. Awareness of the self is the awareness of where we are berth in.

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