Awaken Self Life Journey to Self Cultivation

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In this course, you will learn how to make your lifestyle an Awaken Self Life

Establish lifestyle routines that can easily be integrated into your life so you can live mindfully 

Learn how to relax the body/mind/heart
Learn how to release all negative emotions

Learn how to access all positive emotions
Learn how to integrate daily practices for mindful living
Develop a healthy practice for well-being

This Subscription will include

Full access to the Chat: Daily Affirmations, Accountability, Cleansing & Dieting support

Yoga 4 days a week (Hosted by Nora)

Qigong Energy practice – 3 Days a week (Hosted by me)

Daily Meditations 8:30 AM  – Qigong & Emotional Healing

Weekly Womb Healing Meeting

Monthly Sexual Cultivation Class

Bi-Monthly – 9 day Workshop (this include all the Practices

Please note that I will eventually be adding Taichi by the end of the year

Daily recording of (Meditations, Qigong and Yoga) will be made available for 48 hours after live event)

“Awaken Self Life” is about doing the work to get the Body, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual self to the point of elevating itcells – Hoping you all join me in this Journey of  Self-Cultivation


Wholeness and thank you for being here, here's my gift to you!

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