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Daily Practices

Daily Practices - awakenselflife

The Daily practices we create for our cells are to strengthen us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to deal with all the coming shifts. Mindfulness is the practice of developing deep focus and concentration to anchor us in the present moment. More than a buzzword, it’s a set of techniques that anyone can learn, if you give them a chance.


Start your day with 3 full sun salutations.




I’ve re-recorded the Microcosmic Orbit meditation with the 4 major stops


The practice of Qicong is to strengthen your access to your cosmic power- if you know the elements you know yourself


Daily Practices

The practice of Qigong is to strengthen your access to your cosmic power- if you know the elements you know yourself My Daily go to

*The five element cycle *

Here is a video as guided practice for when you really, really need it. Deeply spiritual but yet, also so funny and bubbly. A joyful, compassionate tool to create a happier life.

I love this yoga practice. It is a great way to flow through various poses, for exercise and for meditation.


Discover simple, daily practices for physical, mental, and spiritual health in this revised edition of daily practices. Dr. Herbert Shelton began writing his Health for Happiness column for The American Vegetarian magazine, Eating and Living is a deeply researched and beautifully written account of the science of healthy living. “The greatest block to human happiness may be found in excess food,” he wrote. “By cutting down on food we may gain years, and life will be fuller, richer and happier.” Still relevant today–as evidenced by the popularity of eating plans like intermittent fasting, or time-restricted eating–Eating and Living reveals how our eating habits can affect every aspect of health and well-being.



Hi, I am Déesse Wigeby and I teach women how to heal the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual  womb. I can help you with finding your Uniqueness, Qi Energy practices, Female sexual Cultivation practices, Self Care, Cleanses.  The Wholeness of you!

Need more advice? Book a private Soul Coaching session with me and learn where you need to start in your great journey of self healing and self love.

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Déesse Wigeby is a Metaphysician and Soul Coach Teacher. She teaches womb healing, cosmic healing, and the ancient art of female Sexual Cultivation practices. She helps women deal with the wholeness that involves physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the human experience

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