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How I Meditate

How I Meditate - awakenselflife

What Meditation Looks Life for Me &
How I Meditate


There are many funnels of knowledge as we enter the conscious universe. While funnels can be fun, there is also so much to discover, uncover, learn, and unlearn. So when I began this part of my journey, I was astounded to find the conscious community who held such a vast world of knowledge. I was Alice in her Wonderland and I was most definitely wandering. It is easy to get lost in the sea of knowledge with conspiracy’s here, there and everywhere.

But eventually, the excitement settles, and one is ready to embark on doing the real work. The shores of the ocean are far and few in between and one is more equipped to dive deep into the universe of the Self. I remember how at the beginning of my journey though, it was challenging to concentrate on any one thing- a quality I was proud of as an avid multi-tasker, that is until I was faced with the universal library. So there I was, finally, ready to enroll in the first semester of The Innerversity at Secret Energy where I began settling in and learning like a true student.

I recall my pure elation as I began my journey into self-cultivation, eating up all the esoteric knowledge like food. But only three lectures in and my teacher, creator of Secret Energy, Sevan Bomar, had us go back to learning the body. There I was, like a true kindergartener, starting at the basics of how to take care of the mind, body and spirit through meditation, breathwork and self-care.

There have been many graduations since my kindergarten day and today I walk a much more adept path and so I am often asked how I meditate. Here are three simple steps to my approach.

Step 1
I am a heavy-set girl so my body cannot bend in lotus pose or anything like that. With that being said, I find a space to sit comfortably and adjust my legs in the position that is most comfortable at whatever level of physical capacity I am in. I find a quiet place with the least amount of disturbance as possible, but I do not expect total silence, I practice including all sounds as part of my awareness.

So whenever I hear a noise, I take note of where in the mediation the sound took place so that it becomes a point of reference to what I need to work on. I consider noises as messengers that have come to make me aware of the moment.


Step 2
I breathe at an even pace. There are many different types of breathing techniques but if you are just starting then begin in a simple form with Belly Breathing. As you inhale the belly goes out inflating like a balloon and as you exhale the belly goes in like a deflating balloon.

Step 3
I do not fight with my monkey mind. People often have the idea that they must stop thinking while they are meditating. Then it starts this whole battle of the monkey mind, “stop thinking…stop thinking…stop thinking.” This is not how I meditate. The thinking mind is natural- do you ask the heart to stop beating? Think away! I practice rising above thought. Consciously decide what you want to think about and notice when the mind wanders. At first, learn to simply mind your breathing, “I am breathing in, I am breathing out.”

Observe, become the awareness. Meditation is only one breath, meaning the inhale is not separate from the exhale but a continuous stream of life force. Each time the mind wanders off, gently talk to the monkey mind, “Monkey mind, please help me breathe in and breathe out, the breath is life. Help me not to wander.” This creates a relationship with the part of yourself that likes to jump from one thing to another. “Thank you, Monkey Mind!”

Simply get into the habit of being aware of yourself, mindfully! I hope you liked this article and a sneak peak on how I meditate.


Hi, I am Déesse Wigeby and I teach women how to heal the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual  womb. I can help you with finding your Uniqueness, Qi Energy practices, Female sexual Cultivation practices, Self Care, Cleanses.  The Wholeness of you!

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