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How to Create A Sacred Space Using the Five Elements

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I have several sacred spaces. Yes, you can absolutely have more than one, in fact, I recommend it. Diving more into how to create a sacred space, I personally have one in my bedroom, one under the tent in my backyard, at the incredibly unique tree at my local park, and of course that one specific chair at the kitchen table. There is more but I trust you get the point.

I soon caught on to these special spaces, because yes, I can sit at any other chair, but I always choose that one in particular- it just feels good. It feels like it is waiting for me to engage.

There is this ongoing joke between my friend Wendy and I because she is always in her closet. That is until her son found her and decided he would join her. Fortunately, she has a large walk-in closet rather than a small cubby hole like I tend to always picture her in.

So, what is a sacred space? To me, it is that special spot that you always navigate to and feel good in. It is sacred because it brings us closer to the divine that is always working through us.

How to create a sacred space


The common thing on how to create a sacred space is that all these spaces have two things in common- an element that stands for nature, and second, that you feel completely relaxed when you are there. The kitchen, for example, has fire and water, the bedroom has earth and wood. In my bedroom, you will find wood and an abundance of crystals. There are several must-have elements that make a space sacred and it does not take much- mostly your mindful intentions.

Knowing this, you can of course make the space uniquely yours with things you love and love being around. Whatever it is that aids in your deeper connection to yourself and state of well-being. Knowing how to use the physical elements around you helps in consciously connecting with the sacred.

Having plants in your space brings in nature as the dirt brings in the earth element and the plant itself the element of wood. Placing water in a crystal glass not only honors the element of water but also brings in the metal element as there is lead in the crystal. Using your favorite scented or unscented candle adds a gentle ambiance and glow to the room which creates a serene peace and simultaneously brings in the fire element.

It is important to notice how things, people, and places feel so that you can differentiate what is in resonance with you. When you are in your sacred space, that resonates with you, the air feels calm, you hold yourself erect and correct because you are in harmony with your inner and outer space. Take it upon yourself to create as many of these spaces as you feel called and make sure you get to intimately know how your space feels so that you can take yourself there whenever you need it.

The elements used are only to enhance your connections to that space which we call sacred. I have learned, however, that sacred space is wherever I find peace and stillness and wellness, and I know that is always inside of me. Calling on the powers of the elements brings us closer to nature which in turn brings us closer to our inner selves as we are the elements and not separate from them. The sacred space always exists within.


Chinese philosophy on the 5 elements


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