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How To Practice And Achieve Neutrality

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Knowing how to achieve neutrality spiritually and mentally is one of the greatest attributes anyone can have on a daily basis. Understanding the way that our body functions in our environment, how it is triggered by the external environment, and becoming a master of this temporary experience that we call life as we are a fractal of infinite consciousness, releases us of the cyclical traumas and storyline of pain and suffering, negative beliefs, imbalanced relationships and exchanges with one another coming even from our past lives.


How To Change And Shift To Achieve Neutrality?

In this article we are going to tune into a practice to start preparing us for transformational changes that are going to be taking place in the next coming years, going into 2024. This month of April is really an important turning point for us globally, so everything that you’re setting your intention in this month, energetically, mentally, physically, is going to play a role in how you are going to develop in the next couple of years.

Over these last years our nervous system has become quite heightened because of all the things that have been happening in the world around us. We have been taken through a global exercise of experiences in which we had to really tune into ourselves do discern these experiences. Since we’ve had a bombardment of information and conflicting ideas, this resulted in a lot of separation energy. This has happened within intimate relationships, families, work groups and companies, and people are still finding where they need to readjust.

Actually the entire world is readjusting as many people are moving and relocating in the world so that they can be healed and activate themselves for the new phase that’s coming. We as souls are coming into new areas and moving through resonance and one of the good side-effects of this evolutionary expression on Earth is that we get to find our tribes, groups, people and places to collaborate in pushing forward the evolution of mankind right now.

This is a time of massive expansion and we need to pay special attention to our thoughts, intentions, how we are inputting into this system of creation, and even the slightest bit of doubt in our co-creation right now will sidetrack us off-course. Are we serving co-creation and expansion or are we serving counter-creation and destruction? These are the foundations for each of us to be aware of and make the choice on what we are doing through our actions. Remember that our life is an expression of our belief system.

So at this point in time, forget about being enlightened, focus on getting in neutral. Neutrality right now is the first ascended state to get into, but you can’t get there if you’re full of toxicity, stress, tension, distortion, fear, and separation consciousness. Taking a step back and revisiting our experiential agreements that we’ve made so far in all aspects of our lives and gently change and shift by welcoming a new paradigm of living is paramount.

Not only the body becomes addicted to certain stimulations, even to stress, anxiety and fear, as it also makes our subconscious be attached to these negative stimulations and create an identity. We can compassionately be able to detach ourselves and gently replace them with something more expansive. It is therefore in a state of neutrality that we begin to look at things from a perspective of potential experience and this is powerful as we create a strong energetic foundation through this neutrality that  allows us to navigate any potential unknown experience.


Neutrality Guided Meditation Practice

We have to train ourselves in getting into the state of calmness, piece and observation through our lives and relationships. April is the perfect window for us to begin to train ourselves in doing this because after this period things will start moving pretty quickly in our society. By the year 2024, most people will have found where they need to be for the next cycle. If you have a lot of distractions and emotional traumatic patterns you are not going to know what you need at this time.

Please feel free to practice this guided meditation through this month of April until the frequency resulting from the practice gets embedded in your nervous system memory so that you can easily travel into space-time to this same vibrational resonance anytime you need.


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