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Period Pain

Period Pain

I have suffered from period pain ever since I started menstruating. I dreaded the cramping. It was not until I changed my diet and began cleansing that things shifted in that respect. Once I started having a deeper relationship with my womb, all my painful menstrual symptoms alleviated. But for many years, like many, pain pills were my go-to. The thing about pain pills, however, is that they increase the menstrual flow. For someone whose menstrual flow was already heavy, my experience mostly involved suffering.

In our Womb Healing Support Chats, which is included when you purchase my Womb Healing Course, I am often asked how to manage the pain of menstrual cramping.

There is a medicine woman that resides within each of us and she knows that real healing is not a matter of taking a pill, sticking on a pad, putting on a brave face, and carrying on regardless of how you feel. She is The Enchantress, an archetype we deeply learn about and feel throughout the Womb Healing Course.

She knows that you cannot keep fighting forward if you do not accurately reflect, accept, and integrate all the experiences that you picked up along the way. She knows it requires a commitment of time and energy to journey to the root of the problem – through all the subtle bodies so that each broken part can be tended to.

This archetype is also ‘wild’. She needs to be, in order to connect with the otherworldly aspects of existence. To sense and feel pain in all its guises- not just the surface symptoms.


Unfortunately, when our pain eventually re-emerges during the darkening moon phase, asking to be healed and integrated, this archetypal wildness often becomes its own extreme. This is because we either do not have the time or the tools to fully embrace our enchantress.  Or sometimes we just do not understand what is truly happening and we blame the people around us for our pain.

The key to understanding and allowing the Enchantress archetype to emerge through you, is to develop a deep, caring relationship with yourself. To value how you feel and to learn to be your own source of support.

Physical pain is often an indication that the body is not getting the nutrients it needs and a reminder where we need to work spiritually. We often abate the physical pain without addressing the emotional and spiritual roots of our issues.  This creates a perfect situation for the pain to reoccur.

There were years where the over-the-counter generic period pain medicine was my go-to preference.  My strategy was to numb the pain and wait for my period to be over. Fortunately, over the years I have learned to nurture my period and learned many lessons on how to flow with it.

6 ways to naturally manage your pain and discomfort throughout your cycle:

  1. Many associated issues with menstruation have to do with liver distress, so doing the Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse is for overall liver and uterine health.
  2. Use a moonstone crystal on the lower abdomen area and begin deep breathing in a calm manner.

3.  Use white willow and Boswellia for pain instead of over-the-counter medicine.

4.  Put castor oil on the uterus-pelvic area and place a warm compress or heating pad over it.

5.  Drink valerian root tea or boiling fenugreek or cinnamon and drinking the water. Or you may like ginger root and black haw extract

6.  Press and hold the acupuncture points.


The key is to start innerstanding your body and to lovingly nurture it through pain and pleasure which are there to tell you how you are doing. A female self-cultivation practitioner must pay special attention to the blood. To cultivate the primordial spirit, she must replenish the blood energy lost during her menstrual period. A healing reminder to always nurture the mind, body and spirit during the sacred menstrual bleed.

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