Female Cultivation Circle w/ Jade Egg Practices


Jade Egg Circle Meets 3-4 Monthly Sessions $149

 All Women are Welcome 

This Online Training is an introduction to the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, to learn something new, but also to evolve and add new layers to your personal practice

(for women who have already done some training with Deesse Wigeby).

How does it work?
We gather for 1.5-2 hour Sessions through video calls in a platform that is accessible for all. As you sign up you will receive a Zoom meeting link invitation by email.
Fridays 8:00 PM Eastern Timezone


The Jade Egg comes from the Yin (women) Ancient Taoist tradition, a secretive practice that was kept with small groups of Taoist Priestesses, Practitioners, and Immortals – women with extraordinary powers. Although the Jade Egg is mostly known as used by Empresses and concubines of the royal court from Ancient China. All these women were known for their sexual knowledge and skills in the “Art of Bed Chamber”, radiant health, healing abilities, and being ageless.

The famous Drilled Jade Egg, traditionally used in Yin Taoist Practice to:

  • Tonify the pelvic floor and Pubococcygeus or ‘P-C muscle’ aka the love muscle.
  • Strength of the urethra muscles, preventing incontinence.
  • Developing dexterity: the ability to move separately different muscles of the pelvic floor and therefore bringing deep healing and pleasure.
  • Activation of various glands, including the Bartholin glands, responsible for lubrication.
  • Stimulation of sexual hormones promotes Wholebody wellbeing.
  • Energize the reproductive area leading to pain-free Moontime (aka menstruation) and relief of many symptoms of reproductive conditions through all stages of our womanhood.
  • Enabling a fantastic sex-life at any age (pleasure is ageless!).
  • Prepare the body for pre and after childbirth.
  • wake, Cultivate and Enhance the sexual energy, opening for multiple orgasmic possibilities, and a healthy integrated relationship with the self.

This was how women kept their sexual health and vitality, natural beauty and sensuality, youth and longevity, and ultimately tune into their womb wisdom and self-healing. 
Is this possible today?

The Jade Egg works as a Qigong practice for the reproductive organs, moving the chi (energy), which connects with the rest of the body. And offering a way for women to create and live a harmonious, pleasurable, and ‘juicy’ life.

The Jade Egg is an Amazing Transformational and Empowering Tool. 
When properly used, it is indeed great to:
Enhance Women’s Optimal Health, Harmony, Inner Strength, Rejuvenation, and Honour the Divine Feminine Within, which includes your Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality.
Also to clear cellular memory and restore wholeness in the core of a woman’s body: her womb!

By connecting with your sexual organs you can Heal and Empower your whole self, harness your creativity, and honor your Divine feminine self in your everyday life.

The Jade Egg is an Efficient Healing Tool with various physiological and physical benefits for our sexual organs, minimizing and for some women totally finishing with various conditions associated with them. 
But when working Holistically the Jade Egg goes beyond the pelvic floor, and the benefits are on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

The Jade Egg Holistic Practice is a combination of practices/ ‘tools’ such as the meditations,  QiGong, and other specific Yin Practices which combined provide a safe and complete Jade Egg experience while maximizing the benefits. This is what makes this Practice Holistic and so beneficial, as it is designed to work in all levels of your being.  WHY?

Because crystals enhance energy, so besides Jade not being of the quartz family which naturally amplifies energy (which internally can be quite overwhelming), it still moves energy. A woman and her body are prepared to receive the Jade Egg is what maximizes the benefits of it.



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