Powerful Body Wisdom Activation Workshop


Body Wisdom Activating the Healing Energy Practices

Energy Healing Practices 
February 10, 2023 Live Practices: 10 AM Eastern Time Zone – 9 Weeks
You will receive a link to join Zoom after registration.


Awaken your inner Energy/Qi channels of healing with Déesse Wigeby in stimulating the energy of the Cosmos to heal yourself. These practices use a combination of energy practices that promote the healing of emotional traumas with the energy of the earth and the cosmos.

Join me for these special 9 Weeks of Healing! Learn meditation techniques and practices that help you access prana/Qi/energy that is all around us.
Learn to relax and allow healing to happen. Raise and expand your consciousness and awareness level to the energy around us.  These qi/energy practices promote health and vitality.


Energy Healing Practices 
starts WEEKLY February 11, 2023 Live Practices: 10 AM Eastern Time Zone –
You will receive a link to join Zoom after registration.

What you will gain from these Healing practices

      • Increased and expand your energetic field
      • Learn how to relax the body/mind/heart
      • Learn how to release all negative emotions
      • Learn how to access all positive emotions
      • Awaken the Kundalini within you
      • Clear your Qi/Energy Channels of emotional blockages
      • Access to Primordial Energy from above and below
      • Develop a healthy practice for well-being

These practices have been developed by my Tao Senior Instructor Sharon Smith and I incorporate many of her teachings


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