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The Amazing Healing Power Of Touch

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As mentioned in our previous article Western Medicine Vs Naturopathy & Homeopathy, the healing power of touch branches into several fields of the alternative medicine side and Energy Medicine.

The body accumulates stress daily throughout our human experience, as well as event-based traumas overtime while it is in service to you, the user.

Just as a general daily maintenance of your mouth required to maintain oral hygiene, so too is a general daily maintenance of physical palpation and stimulation to the body’s tissue, to release it from accumulation of stress and trauma. In order to heal, the human body is designed to be touched. When this practice that activates a chemical process of healing is neglected, it can cause far more damaging results than neglecting your oral hygiene.


You don’t need to carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders all the time. In order to get rid of it, you have to figure out a way to release stress and trauma accumulating on you over time. Your super-computer and divine body is designed to help you in the healing process and actually has an app for that. That’s right, there is a program on your “hard drive” that is specifically designed to analyze your system for damages or compromises.

This program only requires one thing to be activated in your avatar technology: engagement; It requires the user to engage it through stimulation or touch. This is the very principle of your Homeopathy and your healing homeopathic technology. You are a homeopathic super computer, and the deepest power of your healing technology comes from within. This is about the healing power of touch.


How Is Mind, Body And Spirit Connected Through The Healing Process

All diseases begin in the mind, which is connected to the emotions. In the study of Spirituality, the mind is the generator of illness or dis-ease. This is why mentally we have to keep our thoughts in check, at least as much as possible by being conscious and aware daily. Anger, bitterness, resentment, all of these filter down from the mind, which is the spiritual source of the individual and then into the emotions which is the soul of the individual, and then it will manifest in some source of a symptom or dis-ease in the body, i.e. the liver, the heart, etc.

Anyone who has problems with an organ, it is sure it can be traced back to a problem within their mind, which then has affected their emotions and then directly affected a particular organ. If one is full of toxicity, stress, tension, distortion, fear and separation consciousness, these states are diametrically opposed to enlightenment, awareness, consciousness and wakefulness. The healing power of touch or any other healing modality can never optimally happen in this state.


The Science Behind Our BioTech

Without getting too complex, our bodies are electro-magnetic which means it has to have a power source. And since our avatar-tech is made primarily of water, that makes us piezoelectric, which means our batteries are solution based, with three potential states: it can steal electrons, give electrons or be neutral. Our divine tech has a millivolt charge that is actually how our PH balance is determined.

Basic specs of our body tech: Millivolts determines PH Balance

+500 millivolts = PH balance 0 (completely acidic)

-500 millivolts = PH balance 14 (completely alkaline)

-25 millivolts = PH balance 3.4, 3.5 (healthy cell tissue balance)

By these specs, growing cellular tissue would require a millivolts charge of -50, this is required to create the energy to regenerate new cells, combined with the proper nutrients and material components to regenerate and build cellular tissue. Stress and trauma collected in our body compromises our devices optimal operation, affecting the millivolts of our divine devices to go down, which translates in our quality of life.


Here’s some cellular production statistics within our body:

The macula of your eye is only 48 hours old; your digestive system is only 3 weeks old; the skin in your body is only 6 weeks old; your liver is only 8 weeks old.


Passive And Regenerative Practices To Achieve Optimal Performance

All of the parts in your device are constantly taking on ware and tear and requires regeneration of new cells. And you have an app for that. This is where general daily service and maintenance to your device is required for optimal performance. There are many active practices we can do to move the body and stimulate our electron battery charge, but this is still a form of stress on the body.

Passive, ancient and regenerative practices, including yoga, have been documented scientifically to activate the inner healer or your internal app and change your life. The technology in your body is so well designed that you can charge the electrons in your body just by touching and stimulating your tissue yourself. This is the healing power of touch and how integral touch is in your vehicle or device’s operation, maintenance and power supply. Remember that there is no warranty for your device, you only get one.


The Healing Power Of Touch At Work

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this information that has been kept hidden from you. The power of the healing touch, when done with the right intent and love, is one of the best maintenance tools to help the body clear stress and trauma out of the field of the cells, bringing you to a point of bliss and piece. It deals with the mental and emotional levels and together with the physical aspect it becomes a method that maximizes the inner healing ability of the body. The greatest power of healing comes from within.

So how can we learn how to massage and stimulate ourselves through this healing power of the touch, in a timeline when human beings are more fear based and alienated to touch, and connection and interaction almost forbidden due to social distancing and mandates from the oligarch system program? What exactly are they trying to hide from us? Precisely, the healing power of touch.


Hi, I am Déesse Wigeby and I teach women how to heal the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual  womb. I can help you with finding your Uniqueness, Qi Energy practices, Female sexual Cultivation practices, Self Care, Cleanses.  The Wholeness of you!

Need more advice? Book a private Soul Coaching session with me and learn where you need to start in your great journey of self healing and self love.

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