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Western Medicine Vs Naturopathy & Homeopathy

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Our bodies are an organic super computer on which western medicine doesn’t address or present the most correct understanding. Western Medicine Vs Naturopathy & Homeopathy is the topic for this article on which we will expand the major differences. From intrusive procedures such as surgeries or chemical treatments in order to cure and solve health and disease issues, allopathy is a model of medicine that uses methods contrary of naturopathy and homeopathy, both of which are based on natural remedies, herbs, crystals, natural food, diets, fasting, spagyrics, essential oils, tissue salts, aromatherapy, teachings and more.

In order to truly understand the healing technology within our bodies and how over a trillion cells are working together to perform thousands of functions daily, we need to look into the body’s functions, how it is powered, how it is designed to be activated and awakened, how it is to be serviced to prevent damage and work at its optimal performance for a prolonged period of time.

Unlike the computer or mobile phone, we only get one of these devices we call the body, but that is all we need when it is taken care of properly. This is how amazing our most state of the art divine technology is, in all of its complexity and brilliance.


How Our Body Works

From the time when our body is still brand new, at the moment we are born, our consciousness starts recording. By an intricate process of chemical experiences, our body device is designed to chemically record everything that we feel and everything we physically do, and it is all logged into  the chemical memory of our body throughout the 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and for our entire lives.

This chemical accumulation of life experiences is similar to the accumulation of bacteria from using your mouth to consume fuel for your vehicle, daily. Born into the physical realm from energy, consciousness is always recording information and directing the form. And it is instantly stimulated in a 5 sense reality that begins conditioning you right from the trauma of your birth. In addition to this, all of your parents trauma and stress becomes also your trauma and stress. And then comes the indoctrination of the world to help complicate things even more.

You, in all your uniqueness, are a perfect expression of God, Source, Consciousness, Universe, etc. So God (or whatever other word you prefer) decided to create you as an expression of itself. But then we come into the 3rd density, which entails the forgetting that we are a piece of God, for the purpose of gaining Self-Knowledge, while finding our way through the noise back to our true selves. This is when proper healing is needed and comes in.

We are told by our parents, teachers, our piers, society, music, television, on who we need to be and how we need to be. We are forced these identities that most of the time doesn’t ring true in ourselves and to our authentic selves, which causes distrust and cognitive dissonance in ourselves. This causes fear, shame, guilt and doubt which in turn creates traumas in our body and a lot of problems. And remember that our consciousness is always recording all this suffering, updating itself through chemical processes that gets imprinted in our DNA over time.

To get ourselves free from the entanglement and often backward teachings and programs of modern society that go against our true nature, alternative methods pf healing that can truly see the full scope on what we are going through need to be looked at.


The Healing Process

During our healing journey, which can also be referred to a the spiritual journey, it’s when we start coming back home to ourselves. This on itself is another messy process. Things might feel that they are falling apart, long-term relationships, the job, the place where we live in, our diet, sleeping patterns, etc. and is quite common to feel constantly sick and build up illnesses and disease in the body and mind to the point we don’t recognize ourselves anymore.

Conventional western medicine most often addresses all our problems from a perspective of stopping the effects, rather than understanding and preventing the causes, let alone the metaphysical causes. In order to get the best support while in your healing journey, different methods should be used that can encompass everything that is recording in our consciousness, in a more holistic and wholesome way, so that while healing, our vibration also keeps raising instead of being stagnant or going down due to side-effects and even more problems.

It is precisely when things feel like they are falling apart, that the things that are not in alignment with your best and highest good have to fall away. By opting on Naturopathy and Homeopathy, you have to trust in the process and you will see that you are not alone. In fact, more and more people are opting out from the traditional western medicine and getting much better results in alternative medicine. Going through alternative methods of healing while feeling the support of millions of other people going through the same is a great benefit in and on itself.

Today, many practitioners and medicine professionals also accept the perspective that alternative medicine can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment to provide a fuller therapeutic regimen. Gone are the days of the conventional western medicine alone; and nowadays patients have a choice between homeopathy and conventional western medicine. With homeopathy and naturopathy, you only need to visit the doctor once or twice instead of several times a year.

It’s also good to keep in mind the convenience on the schedule for alternative medicine, which is much more flexible than with conventional western medicine because these doctors offer consultations via phone, email or Skype rather than having set office hours twice a day.


Conclusion On Western Medicine Vs Naturopathy & Homeopathy

In your healing and spiritual journey it’s very easy to feel alone and that nobody understands you or maybe you feel like the world is crumbling around and beneath you. If this rings true to you, there is a reason for this and this is a part of the spiritual awakening process. It’s imperative to take actionable steps every day towards living your true authentic self and peeling those pieces of yourself that are not authentically you.

Start by trusting the process of true healing with Naturopathy and Homeopathy, methods on which you can get a more holistic view and support on the most complex machine in the universe – your own body. While understanding the primary causes of the issues that affect you in a broader and deeper perspective, the use of alternative medicine in cases where standard treatment is unsuccessful or has proven ineffective is not controversial anymore as it used to be.


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